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Welcome to the University of Waterloo's Training and Development Registration System. This system, on the GoSignMeUp platform, is currently being used to register participants for events offered through: AccessAbility; Campus Wellness; Centre for Teaching Excellence; CI and CM; Human Rights Equity and Inclusion; Library; Office of Research; Project and Portfolio Management; Writing and Communication Centre.

Create an account

You must create an account before the system will register you for a course. You'll need to do this only once:

  1. Click UW Login (top menu).
  2. Enter your WatIAM credentials. Click Sign in.
  3. Click "My Account" (top menu).
  4. Complete the Participant Information form by clicking the "pencil" icon Pencil in the top right corner of the participant information box.
  • "Role" and "Faculty/Unit" are required fields for all participants.
  • Select your primary role at the University of Waterloo.
  • Only students enter "Student ID" and "Degree Program".
  • Click "Save".

Register for a course

To find courses (or sessions):

  • Click one of the options on the left side of the page.
  • Click the group that best describes your role at the university.

To register for the course (or sessions):

  • Click "register" on the right side of a course offering.
  • After you have registered for one or more courses, then click the "items" icon calendar located above the text that says "Browse Course/Sessions".
  • Click the green "checkout" button.
  • If you have not logged into the system yet, you will be prompted to do so before the registration can be completed.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes an .ical attachment, which will allow you to add the new course to your calendar.

Waiting Lists

Full courses (or sessions) will have a waiting list. If a space becomes available, you will receive an email stating that you have moved from the waiting list to 'enrolled' status.

Cancelling your Registration

To cancel a course (or session):

  • Login on the main page.
  • Click "My Account".
  • Under "Course/Sessions," click "Enrolled" (or "Waiting" if you are on the waiting list for the course), then click the drop-down list and select "Cancel Course".

  • If you need to cancel your registration, please do so at your earliest convenience (so that your space will become available for others). For complete instructions, click here.

Viewing your Activity Log

To view all the courses you have registered for, past and present:

  • Login on the main page.
  • Click "My Account".
  • View "Courses/Sessions" and select the list you want to view (enrolled, waiting, past etc.). You can print these lists.